Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coooooookie Cliff!

Dan Oppenheim/ Cookie Monster 5.12a

After a short climbing hiatus spent with the family on the east coast, I returned to the valley to find temperatures tipping into the 90's. When temperatures soar in Yosemite, there are two options. 1. Crack a cobra and float the river in some type of whole made duct tape contraption, or. 2. Seek out the hottest crag in the valley and sweat it out on the rocks. We chose the latter, and the result was a great afternoon of cheering each other on at this infamous crag. Cookie cliff is host to some of the most famous and difficult cracks in Yosemite. Classics; established by climbing ledgends such as Henry Barber (Hot Henry), Jim Bridwell (The Bird), Royal Robbins and Kurt Smith. Highlights of the day were watching Alfredo grunt like a gorilla as he suffered to earn a redpoint on Outer Limits. Or valley local and big wall vet Dan Oppenheim working out the delicate and steep moves of Cookie Monster. Thanks to Jerome Smart for hanging on the line to snap these killer shots.
Alfredo/ Outer Limits 5.10b
Matt Tosi/ Outer Limits 5.10b

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