Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alcove Swing
All children are fascinated with the sensation of swinging. As kids we hang out on swing sets. As we grow a little older rope swings (usually into water) are the name of the game. When we loose our minds a little and dedicate huge chunks of our lives to climbing... well.. Yosemite has some of the biggest and scariest swings you can find. A valley favorite and always in motion is the Alcove Swing. Walk the base of El Cap Scramble 3rd class up a slab and you will find a rope that extends a few hundred feet to the top of the alcove. Im pretty sure the anchor is equalized Rurp's and a copper head so its bomber... ;) The more elusive and trickier to set up is the Porch Swing. All that I will tell you is that its located up near the top of El Cap. The general beta is to lower off a GriGri until the rope pulls through. However as you can see, simply Jumping off the ledge is also effective... but not recommended. Its important to notice the 3,000 feet of sheer exposure under the swing.

          Porch Swing

Shane Houbart and Corey celebrate their ascent of Muir Wall with the pent up desire for a big fall.

   Pics of the results of too much swinging to come shortly......

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