Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to the creek

Spring in Indian Creek is like the fall; spectacular. Remote and with a feeling of freedom not left in many climbing areas, Indian creek is characterized by rugged beauty, windgate sandstone, and a multitude of cracks so perfect and bare its as if god himself intended for them to be climbed. Thanks to Ray Jardine we can. Sandstone buttresses sprawl in every direction and beyond that lies the endless myriad of the canyon lands. The north and south six shooters are landmarks in this area and on my second day in the creek my climbing partner decides we should climb the north six shooter. Jerome is always stoked to climb and has a composure about him on lead that i'm constantly jealous of. The north six shooter is one of the most magnificent formations in this part of the desert. It stands alone and rests elegantly along the skyline. Therefore we have to climb this thing. The next day Jerome, Sarah and I set out in my truck and rally along the rugged cattle road that snakes the base. Lightning Bolt cracks is the cleanest and most classic choice for climbing the north six shooter. Jerome racks up and digs into the thin fingers start of the first pitch, cruising up in no time to a chossy anchor. Again, Jerome takes the second pitch to the base of the alcove and hands over the rack. Time to see if I can still climb. S**it. Ok, so i am honestly a little bit nervous here. I haven't led anything out of the gym since my accident. Jerome turns to me and slyly asks me if I want the number one or the number two. I bid for the two and he pops it out of the belay that were sitting on and tells me to send it. That people, is what I'm talking about! I pull the lip and am psyched that I chose the #2. It goes in perfectly through this powerful move. The three of us enjoy a beautiful summit and I am renewed with a new confidence that I have not felt in a while. We climb for a few more days at the creek and then, its back to the plan that had cheated me a year earlier. Yosemite Valley

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