Saturday, August 14, 2010

Less Words, More Pictures

Corey Nauman working on his space walk. Muir Wall (El Cap)
        I figure that most people just like to see photography anyway, so I decided to make a post of all pictures. Obtaining quality climbing photos is hard work, as the best ones are usually shot from the top down. Logistically this proves difficult. Usually your proudest or most significant climbing moments are left to memories. Your glory is honest, shared with few people.. When moving fast and light, like on our one day ascent of halfdome, there is rarely room or time for personal photography. Here are a few that we  have managed to collect this summer. Thanks to Shane, Corey, Jerome, Alfredo and anyone else who held the camera.  (Please click each one for a full size image)
Unknown climber in space on the Shield (El Cap)
Me on the final pitch of Lightning Bolt Cracks. (North Six Shooter, Canyonlands, Utah)

Master Cam

Shane Houbart and Corey on the incredibly exposed Lost Arrow tyrolean traverse. 

Amit takes flight on Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. (Tuolumne Medows, CA)
Amit firing the crux and getting the redpoint of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (12a)

Tighty whities are still hip in Venezuela. (Fredo and Shane, El Cap)

Alfredo Zubillaga on Lost Arrow Spire (w/ Yosemite Falls)
Ok, open the Supertopo big walls book and look at that picture of Tom Frost on the FA of Salathe. Amit Tawfik on Salathe (El Cap, Yosemite CA) 

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